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Shopping cart Compact LOOP DOUBLE

Shopping cart Compact LOOP DOUBLE

A new trolley concept joins our family, Compact Loop Double is 100% recyclable and is made with 25% of recovered waste from the sea, making it an optimal sustainability option for your store.

We revolutionized the shopping experience with the first compact double-height shopping cart designed for faster, more organized shopping.

It has two baskets with a load capacity of 35L + 35L that allow to organize the shopping in multiple ways and facilitates loading and unloading for users.

A new shopping concept that is versatile, practical, functional and ideal for small and medium-sized surfaces. Narrow aisles will no longer be a barrier for shopping carts.

This product can be customized in all colors and has a customization area for your brand logo.

Complies with EN-1929 standards

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3535.000 w/o coin lock
3536.000 with coin lock



Diseño compacto
Compact Design

Small, compact shopping cart at two heights that maximises use of space

Ligero y manejable
Light and manoeuvrable

Its world-patented, wrap-around handle allows for perfect natural control on all four sides. Weights only 12kg by combining polypropylene basket with metal rack

Excelente conducción
Excellent steerability

Ideal for narrow aisles. With the best castor wheels on the market, top quality and durability

Organización de la compra
Easy to organise purchases

Its two baskets allow shopping to organized in numerous ways, also making access easy for loading and unloading from any angle

Ahorro de espacio de apilamiento
Space saving in stacking

Optimisation of space thanks to minimum nesting distance between wheels

100% reciclable, 25% material oceánico
100% recyclable, 25% oceanic recycled material

100% recycable, 25% recycled material from marine ropes

Asa antibacteriana
Antibacterial handle

Handle with antibacterial treatment


Customizable handle and body color and customization area for your brand logo with polycarbonate side cover protection

Bastidor de acero cincado High Protect
High protect

Zinc-galvanized Steel chassis

Accesorios | Monedero
Accessories | Adaptive coin lock

Adaptive coin lock

Accesorios | Cadena de inicio
Accesories | Starter chain

Starter chain

Accesorios | Portabebidas
Accesories | Drink holder

Universal drink holder

Accesorios | Portamóviles
Accesories | Mobile holder

Universal mobile holder

Accesories | Ramp use wheels

Ramp use wheels available

Item: Colors: Code EAN: Product Dimensions in mm.LxWxH: Dimensions box in mm.LxWxH: Units per box: Boxes per layer: Euro 80x120x120: Euro 80x120x240: Capacity in liters:

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