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What are the five key moments during the shopping process?

01 -02-2017

In a study carried out by Araven on the shopping experience, it is concluded that maximum attention to all of the aspects involved in the shopping process, from the moment  shoppers enter a store to the moment they leave, is very important in order to ensure a positive experience and to build customer loyalty. 

This market-leading Spanish company is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its first handheld shopping basket, with sales of more than 7 million units in 50 countries in the five continents.

It was in 2005 when Araven’s constant innovation resulted in the world’s first basket with a telescopic handle and wheels, marking the start of its Shop & Roll line, followed more recently by another innovative milestone: Araven’s compact Loop shopping cart. Its range currently covers all types of shopping requirements and shop formats, with modern, carefully designed products. 

Entering the store and choosing the shopping system, organising purchases, transferring to checkout, unloading   and returning the shopping system to its place, are the five key moments in the shopping experience of millions of people every day all over the world.  According to a market survey carried out by Araven, a leading company in the design and manufacture of products for equipping retail establishments, when shoppers are faced with a very similar offer at all stores, their satisfaction in relation to these five key points is the determining factor as to whether the shopping experience is more or less positive for them and whether a store manages to build customer loyalty. 

A good shopping offer is not enough... The design and functionality of a store’s equipment has been found to be fundamental in achieving sales targets  and  building customer loyalty. Araven’s shopping experience study is explained in this video: https://youtu.be/U8CSOtmSP8A

Over the years the large retail outlet market has evolved enormously. Consumers have changed and with them the shopping experience has changed too. Today customers demand more and expect their experience to be positive in all senses. The challenge is to achieve happier shoppers.

The five moments of “truth” that affect the shopping experience in a decisive way are:

1. Entering the shop and choosing a shopping system. It is important to create a good impression right from the start, in order to guarantee a positive experience. Araven works on its designs to offer a modern, innovative, appealing image, in line with all the latest trends. And it provides users with different options to suit different shopping missions.  The system used to transport shopping is crucial as it is the only element that accompanies users during the whole of their visit to the shop.

2Organising purchases. Keeping all the items properly arranged and ensuring that they are not damaged. Araven works on the design of its products to provide optimum interior spaces.

3. Transfer to checkout. It is essential that the shopping system works perfectly for the whole visit to the shop so that there is no reason for users to abandon their purchases. The system used must really assist shoppers, easing the load and maximizing convenience and handling so that all the customer has to do is to concentrate on shopping. At Araven we work on our designs with a clear goal in mind: to improve mobility and comfort for users by means of ergonomic, functional products.  

4.  Unloading purchases. Convenience and comfort are very important when customers reach the checkout and unload their shopping. Our shopping carts adapt to checkout lines and help make unloading items more natural and easier.

5. Returning the product to its place

After finishing shopping the basket is returned to the right place in the shop. It is important to encourage the return of baskets/carts so that they are kept tidy and ready for the next customer. Araven designs its products incorporating elements that prevent the build-up of dirt and help ensure cleanliness and hygiene for the next users.


Araven’s product range is the result of three decades of ongoing innovation in the market. From the first handheld basket launched in 1987 to its most recent innovative Loop shopping cart, along with other milestones in the history of retail equipment worldwide, such as the first basket with a telescopic handle and wheels. This particular shopping system was patented in 2005, revolutionising shopping and marking the beginning of the Shop & Roll line which has gradually evolved over this time to afford greater mobility, with the incorporation of four wheels and  greater capacity. Over this period Araven has sold more than seven million units in 50 countries in the five continents.

The latest Shop & Roll product to be launched by Araven is the first two-colour, single-piece basket on the market, with a capacity of 65 litres, and a 55-litre horizontal basket that combines a modern design with improved ergonomics and a larger useful surface area than the baskets that currently exist.

In short, 30 years after launching its first product, Araven’s current range of equipment covers all shopping needs and all shop formats, with modern, well-designed products. All of them will be on show from 5th to 9th March at Euroshop Dusseldorf, one of the industry’s most important shows at international level.


utilizacion del equipamiento de araven en un supermercado stand de araven en equipmag paris 2016

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