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Spanish firm Araven reaches the one million recycled shopping baskets sold

08 -07-2019

The Recycled ShopRoll basket, available in the two most demanded capacity sizes of 34 and 52 liters, has been re-using selected plastic since 2011 to make a product that offers the same technical qualities with a significant benefit for the environment

One in seven ShopRoll shopping baskets that Araven markets around the world belongs to its Recycled range. The savings achieved from them every year are equivalent to preventing the release into the atmosphere of 100 tons of carbon dioxide, one of the main gases responsible for climate change

These recycled shopping baskets demonstrate Araven's key strategic commitment to the circular economy reducing input materials and the production of waste. They are present in 31 countries across Europe, America and Africa and have been used in over a billion shopping experiences


8 July 2019 – This month, Araven from Spain’s Aragon regionleader in the design, manufacture and marketing of shopping baskets and carts for equipping retail outlets, has reached the one million sales mark with one of its flagship products, ShopRoll baskets, made from recycled materials, which it started marketing eight years ago. It was the first recycled shopping basket on the market and already accounts for one out of seven baskets sold by the company, in one of the best examples of its embracement of the Circular Economy as a key aspect of Araven's business strategy.

Araven’s well-known range of ShopRoll shopping baskets adds to all the features and advantages of the original design - a worldwide pioneer –  its respect for the environment by decreasing energy consumption and polluting emissions. The savings achieved up to the middle of June are already equivalent to preventing 800 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from being released into the atmosphere.

Manufacturing and supplying its catalog of recycled baskets is just one example of Araven's commitment to the circular economy as a strategic line of business. With this economic model, increasingly driven by authorities such as the European Union, the company’s environmental and social commitment are defended by reducing both the input of raw materials and the production of waste.

In this way, the collection and recycling of plastic is furthered by technical and organizational measures to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal impact, including actions to reduce waste production and energy consumption, the use of renewable sources, improved transport logistics, etc.

Every year, Araven sells an average of 700,000 ShopRoll baskets, of which one in seven is Recycled, with an average annual saving of 100 tons of CO2. As is well-known, carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing industry are one of the main causes of global warming due to their greenhouse effect, as well as of ocean acidification. Since it came onto the market, the use of recycled plastic has already avoided the release of 800,000 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere, equivalent to the emissions produced by all the inhabitants of an average Aragon town in their daily lives in one month.

The ShopRoll range of retail equipment began in 2005 with the first basket in the world to include a telescopic handle and wheels, a revolutionary and innovative design that has spread the name of Araven across the globe. ShopRoll baskets are renowned for their ease of use and ergonomics, which enhance the experience of shopping, but their advantages for customers and businesses also include hygiene, space optimization or durability. In different formats, Araven has to date sold more than 7 million baskets in 74 countries around the world.

Araven's commitment to innovation came to light once again in 2011 when it added the Recycled ShopRoll basket to its catalog, available in the two most popular capacity sizes of 34 and 52 liters and which uses recycled raw materials. Recycled plastic is collected, cleaned, sorted and melted to obtain new pellets with which new baskets are subsequently molded and which guarantee the same technical and mechanical qualities as the standard basket. Recycled baskets also come with identical design features, such as its exclusive anti-bacteria handle made with ZPZ.

ITAINNOVA and AIDIMA institutes certify that bending and wear strength of a recycled ShopRoll basket are identical as with the rest of the range. The laboratories of ITAINNOVA - the Aragon Institute of Technology - and AIDIMA - Technological Institute of Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Similar Materials – hold certified accreditation for physical and safety characterization of plastic materials according to international regulations.     

The combination of its technical characteristics and its contribution to environmental care have made these baskets a product in increasing demand by retailers and currently present in 31 countries of Europe, America and Africa. The United Kingdom, with more than 40,000 units sold, is the main destination for Recycled ShopRoll, followed by France, Sweden, Ecuador and Spain.

To date, the production of one million Recycled ShopRoll baskets has accounted for the re-use of a total of 533,000 kilograms of plastic. Araven’s recycled baskets have been used in more than one billion purchases, in which it has contributed to protecting the environment.


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