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Araven to use recycled material for the manufacture its entire range of shopping baskets and carts

13 -05-2020

Earlier this year, the Spanish firm from Aragon launched its Oceanis range, made with recovered fishing nets and gear, and now it goes one step further in its commitment to a circular and sustainable economy

10 years ago, this pioneering company in the retail equipment sector stormed the market with its first recycled shopping baskets - ShopRoll 34 and 52 litre - which have led to annual energy savings of more than 100 tons of carbon dioxide. Those savings will be multiplied five-fold from now on.

The firm combines the seal of environmental protection with careful design and the specific safety and hygiene features that characterise its entire range of retail equipment.


The Spanish firm Araven once again demonstrates its leadership in the design and manufacture of shopping baskets and carts for equipping retail establishments with a new development. From this month onwards, all its products will be made with recycled plastic, as part of the company’s commitment to a business model based on sustainability and environmental protection, as well as on health and safety.

10 years ago, Araven was the first company to launch a basket made with recycled materials, and at the 2020 Euroshop international fair held in Germany last February, it presented its Oceanis line,  a full range of shopping baskets and carts made with recycled plastic from discarded fishing nets and gear. With this new step to further develop the recycling process, Araven offers the market a range of fully sustainable retail equipment with items that cover the needs of any store, from small convenience shops to large supermarkets and hypermarkets.

From now on recycled plastic forms part of the raw materials for its standard grey ShopRoll shopping basket with customisable telescopic handles in various colours, available in all sizes: 34, 45 (another novelty presented this year at the Euroshop trade fair), 52, 55, 65 and 80 litres, as well as in 100, 160 and 200 litre models of its compact Loop cart, which can be increased by adding a multi-purpose basket.

All these products are initially made with 25% input of recycled marine plastic chips selected by specialised companies and certified as to their technical characteristics, thus contributing to reducing energy emissions and waste generation. This percentage guarantees all the technical and mechanical qualities that have forged Araven’s worldwide reputation, although its Research & Development department continues to work on formulas and technologies to increase the proportion and thus progress further in its commitment to the efficient use of resources and the circular economy.

With this same purpose in mind, the firm has taken upon itself to assume the extra cost of recycling and to freeze the price of its baskets and carts in order to help businesses fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility and collaborate in protecting the planet.


Araven’s customers can now also choose the Oceanis line,  which, with its characteristic water green colour, offers the same full range of equipment and characteristics of recycled plastic. The difference is that the reused material in this range comes exclusively from discarded fishing gear, one of the main causes of marine pollution, as a way of making one of the main environmental challenges in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals more visible. For this reason, Oceanis products are identified by their characteristic water green colour and part of the profits from their sales are donated to the international NGO, Plastic Change.

Prior to these new releases, in 2010 Araven started marketing a 34L ShopRoll basket with recycled plastic, which it later extended to include the 52L model, of which average annual production stands at 100,000 units (today, one in seven baskets sold is recycled). These sustainable products have led to average yearly savings of 100 tons of carbon dioxide, one of the main causes of global warming and ocean acidification due to its greenhouse gas effect. The implementation of recycled plastic throughout the range could multiply those savings five-fold, thus preventing emissions of a further 400 tons of CO2. Araven has summed up this achievement  with the slogan: “The planet was asking for breathing space and Araven has heeded it”.

In short, Araven is progressing in its environmental commitment by reducing both its input materials and its waste generation, while also helping businesses and consumers to collaborate in achieving the same goals, as part of its strategic commitment to assume the business targets set in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and also to transmit them to the general public. These targets are increasingly necessary as a means of combatting global warming and, according to a number of studies (Harvard University, Martin Luther Halle-Wittenberg University, or Brown University), of reducing the spread and effects of infectious diseases like the coronavirus.


The firm’s range of shopping equipment started in 2005 with ShopRoll, the first basket in the world with a telescopic handle and wheels, an innovative design that marked a ‘before-and-after’ in retail equipment, and which Araven has marketed worldwide. In 2014, it revolutionised the market again thanks to its compact Loop cart, with its patented wrap-around handle that enables it to be pushed or pulled in any direction. These two products stand out for their ease-of-use and ergonomics, thus enhancing shoppers’ experience, although their advantages for customers and businesses also include space optimization, durability, hygiene, and safety.

Araven’s exclusive anti-bacteria handles on its carts and baskets prevents the transmission of harmful bacteria between shoppers, as certified by the Plant Food Research Group at the University of Zaragoza. Similarly, its meticulous designs that avoid the build-up of dirt on wheels and in corners or contact when stacking demonstrate the firm’s concern for these issues.



Araven was founded in 1976 by two entrepreneurs with experience in the plastic injection industry and throughout the firm’s life, it has specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing products for professionals, with an area dedicated to shopping equipment in the retail sector and another to products for food storage and handling in the catering industry; always offering exclusive products that respond to the highest standards of demand.

Along with excellence and innovation, its determined commitment to internationalisation are the hallmarks of the company. Araven is headquartered in Villanueva de Gallego (Zaragoza, Spain), with subsidiaries in the United States and Mexico, and a presence in 69 countries on five continents via a network of 30 sales offices. Around 68% of production is sold abroad.


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