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Araven launches a new compact 160-litre capacity shopping cart, following the success of its innovative Loop 100 L. cart already in use in more than 150 retail chains in 44 countries

28 -09-2017

Since its launch in 2014, the Shop & Roll Loop 100 L has set the trend in the retail equipment industry and gained in force to become the best option for improving the shopping experience thanks to its greater mobility, attractive design and space-saving benefits.

Now a new shopping cart produced by the Spanish company offers the same advantages but with 60% more space and what is more it is one of the lightest carts in the market.

Araven first revolutionised the industry back in 2005 when it patented the world’s first shopping basket with a telescopic handle and wheels, a product that is currently present in establishments throughout the whole world. 

Araven has always been an international trend setter in the design and manufacture of products for fitting out retail establishments. This company, with headquarters in Spain, revolutionised the way we shop back in 2005 when it patented the world’s the first basket with a telescopic handle and wheels and went on, three years later, to mark another milestone with the launch of the market’s first compact shopping cart: Shop & Roll Loop 100 L,  a highly successful concept that has again set the trend for the rest of retail industry manufacturers.

What is a “compact” shopping cart? It is a cart whose size is no more than twice the size of the smallest cart. In addition, Araven’s compact carts have no protruding elements i.e. the basket, handle and wheels are on one plane and its faces form an edge where they flow together. 

This original solution, which is the outcome of Araven’s ongoing commitment to innovation, now sets a new benchmark in a highly competitive market where it seemed that there were no new inventions to be made. However, this leading company has gone one step further with the launch of its new compact shopping cart: Shop & Roll Loop 160 L, with all the advantages of its predecessor but with 60% more capacity. This way Araven can meet the demands of large retail outlets where this format is the most frequently used cart size. 

Araven’s new shopping cart was showcased for the first time at Euroshop, the biggest international retail show held in Dusseldorf (Germany), where it received high acclaim.



Amongst the many advantages of this new shopping cart, what makes it stand out from the rest of the carts on the market is, in particular, its great mobility. The cart’s wrap-around handle affords total freedom of movement making it manoeuvrable from every angle, rather than just one.

It rolls alongside the user as the perfect shopping assistant, easy and quick to manoeuvre. The basket and handle are on the same plane so that the handle does not protrude beyond the contour of the cart, but rather it accompanies shoppers without pushing into them. Its top-quality wheels slide smoothly over all types of surfaces and are long lasting.

Another outstanding feature of Shop & Roll 160 L is its light weight. Just 14 kilograms in total, making it one of the lightest carts in the market with this capacity. The cart is seen as real aid to shopping so that customers just feel like continuing.

It also saves a great amount of space at stores, both inside and outside. It affords space savings of up to 25% compared to other carts with this same capacity.



An overview of market uptake of Araven’s revolutionary Shop & Roll Loop 100 L shows that it has been highly positive. In this three-year period Araven has sold more than 107,000 units to 150 chains in 44 countries and in five continents, in fact,  63 % of production is sold to foreign markets. The countries to which most carts have been exported are France, Turkey, Greece, Mexico and Poland. Some of the chains that have opted for this new shopping solution, which  is both attractive to consumers and more cost-effective and practical for stores, are: Consum, DIA, Eroski, Coviran, El Corte Inglés or Leroy Merlin.



The results of a survey carried out by Araven at several chain stores revealed that shopping carts and baskets are considered an important variable by consumers when rating their overall shopping experience at a store. Baskets and carts are the only elements that accompany shoppers  during the whole purchasing process, from start to end, and for this reason they must be easy to use and handle.

According to a recent study published by AECOC (Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors ) on consumers’ evaluation of priorities and service at centres,  the fact that a store has light-weight shopping carts is one of the most important variables when rating store service.

Studies clearly show that store results increase when Araven’s Shop & Roll baskets and carts are introduced. According to AC Nielsen there is an  increment of 18% in the average sales ticket.

Araven’s retail equipment solutions provide a  global, modern, uniform image for stores, with a comprehensive range of baskets and carts that adapts to all needs.



Araven’s range of products is the result of  three decades of ongoing innovation in the market. From its first hand-held basket, launched in 1987, to its compact shopping cart (in 100L and 160L versions), as well as many other milestones in the world history of commercial equipment, such as the first basket with a telescopic handle and wheels. This system, patented in 2005, revolutionised shopping systems and marked the start of the Shop & Roll line that has evolved over time to provide even greater mobility by incorporating four wheels, and greater capacity. During this period Araven has sold more than seven million units in 50 countries, in five continents.

Araven’s latest Shop&Roll launches have been the market’s first two-colour, single-piece basket with a capacity of 65 litres, and the 55 L horizontal basket that combines a modern design with improved ergonomics and a bigger useful surface area than those currently on the market.

In short, 30 years on, Araven’s range of products currently covers all shopping needs and requirements and all shop formats, with modern carefully designed products.



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