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Araven extends its product range with the new Shop & Roll 80 L. baskets, designed for all types of retail establisments

28 -06-2018

Highly versatile thanks to its excellent capacity, strength, spacious design and wide opening. Ideal for different sectors apart from food: DIY, electronics, household goods or sports.

The spanish company Araven,  leaders in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of  shopping baskets and trolleys for retail establishments, has broadened its range of products with its 80-litre capacity basket, Shop & Roll 80L,   designed for use in all types of retail sectors.  This new shopping basket combines all of the advantages of this line of products, while offering greater storage capacity and a design that makes it ideal for a wide range of establishments.

In 2005 Araven revolutionised the shopping scene by patenting the first basket with a telescopic handle and wheels. This convenient, practical design improves the shopping experience for users while the pros for retail establishment are the basket’s durability and the more efficient use that is made of store space. The Shop & Roll range of baskets has continued to grow and new references have been added to match the needs of different retail sectors.

In addition to its excellent strength and genuine 80-litre volume,   certified by the Technological Institute of Aragon, the Shop & Roll 80L  basket has a spacious, flat, ridge-less bottom and large mouth which makes placing, arranging and removing items much more convenient for shoppers. These features make this basket very versatile, perfect for use in DIY, gardening, sports, electronic, household and food outlets.

All of Araven’s shopping baskets stand out for their ergonomic design, with details such as handles that adapt to different user heights and that do not drop down when released, along with a light weight and maximum stability. The advantages of the basket for retail establishments are its elegant, modern lines, the fact that it is available in eight basic colour combinations with the option of customizing and adding the establishment’s logo to reinforce the brand image; excellent strength and durability, as demonstrated in resistance, flexion, fatigue, stability and impact tests and reduced stacking, to make maximum use of store space and to keep the store in order.

The 7 million baskets sold to date and the fact that they are used in retail outlets in more than 50 countries is a clear indication of the success of this product line and Araven’s constant commitment to innovation and to opening up new markets, which is the company’s hallmark. This firm from Zaragoza has come up with outstanding solutions for the retail industry, such as its Shop & Roll Loop 100L, the market’s first compact shopping cart in which the basket, handle and wheels are on the same plane, without any elements that jut out and which is patented in more than 30 countries.

The Shop & Roll 80L basket and the whole range of Araven products for equipping retail establishments will be present at major, specialized international shows. In May Araven will be showcasing its products at Retail Design Expo in London; in September, at Equipmag Paris, and in November, at Retail Shop, Warsaw.


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