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Araven completes its range of shopping carts with the most compact, light-weight and manoeuvrable 200 litres model on the market

19 -12-2019

The Loop 200 has all of the advantages of the range of shopping carts manufactured by the Spanish firm, Araven, guaranteeing the best shopping experience. One of its outstanding features is its wrap-around handle which makes it manoeuvrable from any side with virtually no effort.

 The characteristics provided by the Loop shopping cart are an advantage for both customers and retail establishments: optimisation of space, improved operations management thanks to nested chain manoeuvrability and easy cleaning and maintenance as well as a long service life thanks to the durability of the cart.

With the incorporation of this new article Araven rounds off its range of baskets and carts that offers a comprehensive array of in-store transport equipment, suitable for all types of establishments, from small and medium-size shops to hypermarkets.


(Thursday, 19 December 2019).- Araven, the leading company in the design, manufacture and sales of  shopping baskets and carts for retail outlets, rounds off this year with the presentation of the Loop 200, its largest capacity shopping cart.  For the first time ever, this innovative product incorporates all of the exclusive features of the firm’s compact carts in this larger size, guaranteeing a cart with the best manoeuvrability on the market and numerous advantages for customers and retail establishments.

The result of the intensive research and design work that characterises all of Araven’s products, the Loop 200 maintains the compact cart concept while providing a capacity of 200 litres that can be increased to 210 by its multi-use basket, and a bottom tray for an additional 50 kg. The cart is shorter and lighter than any other of its kind, making handling and mobility much easier.

The new cart also offers all of the advantages of the Loop line to provide the best shopping experience. Its wrap-around handle, which is covered by a unique worldwide patent, means the cart to be held and moved, pulled or rotated effortlessly, from all sides, while its ergonomic design adapts all types of users. Its handle also has an antibacterial treatment that guarantees improved hygiene by preventing the spread of germs from one use to another.

For retail establishments and employees these features also bring added benefits such as ease of movement in aisles, optimisation of nesting space and improved operational management due to the cart’s excellent manoeuvrability in nesting chains and easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Loop shopping cart is also characterised by its top quality materials: its frame in zinc-plated steel, the best wheels on the market and a basket made of food-grade polypropylene with an anti-UV additive, which combines flexibility, minimising any possible damage to shop fittings or in the car park/ when parking, with the cart’s strength and durability, and its light weight - 21 kg in total.

As well as guaranteeing a long service life in the retail establishment, this cart is 100% recyclable, and as such forms part of Araven’s social and environmental commitment to reduce material inputs and waste production in all aspects of its work.

The Loop design also has the option of a child’s seat with a fold-down piece to use as a divider, a bag hook, a coin-lock integrated in the cart (adaptable to the local currency) and accessories such as a child’s safety belt, travelator wheels with an automatic brake, a basket divider for fresh products or a drink holder.

The cart can be personalised with the customer’s colour and logo (in the special customising area). Araven markets the cart in six standard colours.


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