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Araven to use recycled material for the manufacture its entire range of shopping baskets and carts

13 -05-2020 - Topicality

Earlier this year, the Spanish firm from Aragon launched its Oceanis range, made with recovered fishing nets and gear, and now it goes one step further in its commitment to a circular and sustainable economy

10 years ago, this pioneering company in the retail equipment sector stormed the market with its first recycled shopping baskets - ShopRoll 34 and 52 litre - which have led to annual energy savings of more than 100 tons of carbon dioxide. Those savings will be multiplied five-fold from now on.

The firm combines the seal of environmental protection with careful design and the specific safety and hygiene features that characterise its entire range of retail equipment.

Araven launches its innovative “Oceanis” range of shopping baskets and carts made with recycled fishing materials, to collaborate in preserving the seas

03 -02-2020 - Topicality

The Spanish company will present the innovative product at the international Euroshop fair in Düsseldorf, which recycles polypropylene from fishing tackle, one of the main causes of marine pollution. According to the Greenpeace report, “Ghost gear”, fishermen lose or leave 640,000 tonnes of nets and ropes in the oceans every year, accounting for 27% of the waste that damages the seas and is responsible for a significant death toll in wildlife.

Every Oceanis basket or cart prevents 1.5 metres of rope ending up in the sea, greenhouse gases are reduced by 20% in the manufacturing process and the spanish company will also donate part of the profits to the international NGO, Plastic Change.

This is the first time that a complete set of sustainable retail equipment has been launched. Araven once again marks a milestone in its commitment to the circular economy, recycling and environmental care, which began in 2010 with the ShopRoll Recycled basket.

Araven completes its range of shopping carts with the most compact, light-weight and manoeuvrable 200 litres model on the market

19 -12-2019 - Topicality

The Loop 200 has all of the advantages of the range of shopping carts manufactured by the Spanish firm, Araven, guaranteeing the best shopping experience. One of its outstanding features is its wrap-around handle which makes it manoeuvrable from any side with virtually no effort.

 The characteristics provided by the Loop shopping cart are an advantage for both customers and retail establishments: optimisation of space, improved operations management thanks to nested chain manoeuvrability and easy cleaning and maintenance as well as a long service life thanks to the durability of the cart.

With the incorporation of this new article Araven rounds off its range of baskets and carts that offers a comprehensive array of in-store transport equipment, suitable for all types of establishments, from small and medium-size shops to hypermarkets.

EUROSHOP 2020 - Hall 14 Stand E16

16 -02-2020 - Event

The spanish company will be exhibiting at Euroshop 2020, which is held in Dusseldorf from 16 to 20 February, and which it is attending for the fifth consecutive time.

Spanish firm Araven reaches the one million recycled shopping baskets sold

08 -07-2019 - Topicality

The Recycled ShopRoll basket, available in the two most demanded capacity sizes of 34 and 52 liters, has been re-using selected plastic since 2011 to make a product that offers the same technical qualities with a significant benefit for the environment

One in seven ShopRoll shopping baskets that Araven markets around the world belongs to its Recycled range. The savings achieved from them every year are equivalent to preventing the release into the atmosphere of 100 tons of carbon dioxide, one of the main gases responsible for climate change

These recycled shopping baskets demonstrate Araven's key strategic commitment to the circular economy reducing input materials and the production of waste. They are present in 31 countries across Europe, America and Africa and have been used in over a billion shopping experiences

A report by the university of zaragoza establishes the risk of transmission of bacteria and other micro-organisms from shopping carts

21 -01-2019 - Topicality

The research concludes that the only shopping cart in which no microbial organism was detected after five months’ real and continued use in stores is the Loop compact cart with antibacterial handle made by Araven

The study “Evaluation of microbial contamination in shopping carts” was carried out by the prestigious Plant-based Food Research Group at the University of Zaragoza

After analysing more than 80 carts of various makes in different shopping centres, all of them except the Araven model with the antibacterial handle displayed a significant presence and risk of transfer of bacteria to users

Eight years ago, the Aragonese firm was the first in the world to introduce this technique to shopping baskets with the aim of achieving maximum hygiene in retail shopping equipment used by millions of people every day.

Araven extends its product range with the new Shop & Roll 80 L. baskets, designed for all types of retail establisments

28 -06-2018 - Topicality

Highly versatile thanks to its excellent capacity, strength, spacious design and wide opening. Ideal for different sectors apart from food: DIY, electronics, household goods or sports.

The spanish company Araven,  leaders in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of  shopping baskets and trolleys for retail establishments, has broadened its range of products with its 80-litre capacity basket, Shop & Roll 80L,   designed for use in all types of retail sectors.  This new shopping basket combines all of the advantages of this line of products, while offering greater storage capacity and a design that makes it ideal for a wide range of establishments.

Separate and keep delicate items in optimal conditions and increase capacity by 10 litres – these are the key advantages of this original multi-use basket designed by Araven for its Shop & Roll LOOP 160 L. Cart

01 -02-2018 - Topicality

An accessory that is easy to fit onto the outside of the cart. It does not reduce store space for nesting carts and actually facilitates nesting.

This multi-use basket can be added to the innovative, compact Shop&Roll 160 litre carts already in use at stores and supermarkets or the carts can be purchased new with this accessory ready mounted

This Spanish company has filed an application for "utility model" recognition for its Shop & Roll 160 litre + basket, for its originality, the quality of the material it is made with and the solution it provides for the current needs of stores and supermarkets.

Araven launches a new compact 160-litre capacity shopping cart, following the success of its innovative Loop 100 L. cart already in use in more than 150 retail chains in 44 countries

28 -09-2017 - Topicality

Since its launch in 2014, the Shop & Roll Loop 100 L has set the trend in the retail equipment industry and gained in force to become the best option for improving the shopping experience thanks to its greater mobility, attractive design and space-saving benefits.

Now a new shopping cart produced by the Spanish company offers the same advantages but with 60% more space and what is more it is one of the lightest carts in the market.

Araven first revolutionised the industry back in 2005 when it patented the world’s first shopping basket with a telescopic handle and wheels, a product that is currently present in establishments throughout the whole world. 

What are the five key moments during the shopping process?

01 -02-2017 - Topicality

In a study carried out by Araven on the shopping experience, it is concluded that maximum attention to all of the aspects involved in the shopping process, from the moment  shoppers enter a store to the moment they leave, is very important in order to ensure a positive experience and to build customer loyalty. 

This market-leading Spanish company is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its first handheld shopping basket, with sales of more than 7 million units in 50 countries in the five continents.

It was in 2005 when Araven’s constant innovation resulted in the world’s first basket with a telescopic handle and wheels, marking the start of its Shop & Roll line, followed more recently by another innovative milestone: Araven’s compact Loop shopping cart. Its range currently covers all types of shopping requirements and shop formats, with modern, carefully designed products. 

Araven's revolutionary SHOP & ROLL LOOP Cart and its prestigious rolling baskets reach Globalshop'16

17 -03-2016 - Topicality

This is the third time the european company, headquartered in Miami and World Leader in solutions for making the transportation of groceries easier, attends this international fair which is being held in Las Vegas

Araven crowns its range of shopping baskets with another innovation: the first two-colour one-piece basket on the market

19 -10-2015 - Topicality

The new Shop & Roll basket has a capacity of 65 litres and combines sturdiness, convenience and manoeuvrability. Its special features make it very similar to the new compact shopping cart launched last year.


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