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Is the basket an efficient means to carry out promotional campaigns in stores?

The advertising frame is the ideal complement for baskets if you wish to communicate novelties or promotional campaigns in stores. It has an effect when deciding on what to buy and encourages impulse shopping.

Is Shop&Roll a registered trademark?

Yes, Shop&Roll is registered as an international trademark, which grants it the exclusive rights of use and exploitation.

Are the baskets patented?

Yes, Araven protects its innovation with patent registrations all over the world. In that sense, we have more than 30 patents in different countries that protect our baskets and other products. We are aware that, like all successful products, there are imitations on the market. Only the original Araven basket has the Shop&Roll stamp on its base. If you believe that you are being cheated with a Shop&Roll imitation, please contact us as we have legal specialists who defend the rights of Araven and its products all over the world.

Where are the baskets manufactured?

We currently manufacture our Shop&Roll baskets in Spain, mainly for distribution in the EU as well as in Mexico, to cater to the American continent.

How resistant are the baskets?

The 34L Shop & Roll basket has resistance in use of 25kg on wheels and 15 kg when held with its folding handle or by handle. The 52L Shop & Roll basket has 40 Kg resistance.

Can the baskets be kept outdoors?

For the baskets to last longer, we recommend always keeping them inside the store. The maximum temperatures go from -5ºC to +40ºC.

What difference is there between the standard basket and the recycled one?

The main difference is the type of plastic used, as in the case of the recycled basket, it is a plastic that has had a previous useful life and has later been recycled. It is important to underscore that the recycled basket hs the same resistance crtiera as our standard baskets, as they have passed and bending and fatigue tests performed ad the ITA Institue and AIDIMA, resistered on the European technology centre list.

Why is the recycled basket black?

The fact that recycled plastic is generated from different coloured plastics means that we have to use a black colouring agent to unify the colour.

Is the biodegradable Shop&Roll more fragile than the standard Shop&Roll?

Oxobiodegradable Shop&Roll has the same resistance as our standard Shop&Roll, until the moment the molecules start to break up. This does not occur until eight years after they are manufactured and therefore from then on, it depends on the location and on the temperature the product is submitted to. In any case, oxobiodegradable Shop&Roll is designed to have a long working life inside an establishment.

What is the maximum number of baskets that can be stacked?

We recommend not exceeding the maximum stack to preserve the stability of the stack of baskets and guarantee safety in stores. For 34L Shop & Roll baskets, the recommendation is a maximum of 8 units for 6L capacity, and 7 units for 15L Shophie.


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