Category: Shopping Experience

The rise in urban stores in city centres

For years large chain store establishments have been located in retail areas on the outskirts of big cities. Times have changed and there is an increasing trend towards opening outlets in the heart of city centres. This trend is not new but it has grown exponentially over the past few years. This new urban business
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10 tips for choosing a top shopping cart

There is a wide range of solutions on the market for choosing the right shopping cart for a store, in fact, there are as many solutions as the needs that exist in retail and in sectors such as electronics, DIY, toys …. Araven explains the 10 features to focus on when choosing the best shopping
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Tidiness and cleanliness at the point of sale

Tidiness and cleanliness at the point of sale are essential to generate a positive image of your shop and to create a favourable emotional state among shoppers. If products are not tidily displayed on shelves and store equipment is not kept neatly this can impede good communications with customers. Tidiness at the point of sale
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