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On a daily basis you touch an average of 10 everyday objects that contain more bacteria and germs than are found in a bathroom – keyboards, coins, banknotes, channel changers and even your mobile phone. One of these objects is the shopping cart or shopping basket used daily at the supermarket.

The intensive use of shopping carts in stores and supermarkets means that they go from one hand to another,becoming a focus for bacteria and viruses for millions of shoppers all over the world. E.coli bacteria is the type most frequently found on shopping cart and basket handles, a fact that stores are well aware of. Many, apart from regularly cleaning shopping carts, have come up with various solutions, such as bactericidal-fungicidal wipes and cleaning products to clean handles before starting shopping and thus prevent bacteria and dirt spreading between users.

This problem has now been solved by an innovative treatment that Araven uses for the handles of its Loop 100 and Loop 160 L compact shopping carts and which guarantees the total (99.99%) elimination of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. This means that micro-organisms harmful to health are not transferred from one user to another.  The treatment is included as a standard feature for all LOOP 100 and 160 L shopping carts marketed by Araven.

The treatment consists of incorporating a zinc pyrithione-based (ZPT) additive in the plastic of the handle, which acts on the cell wall or cell membrane of micro-organisms, preventing their growth or the synthesis of the proteins they need to thrive. Furthermore, the organisms do not develop immunity and the product does not affect the properties of the plastic.

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The study entitled “Evaluation of microbial contamination in shopping carts, undertaken by the University of Zaragoza in collaboration with Araven, examined more than 80 shopping carts of various makes at different shopping centresSamples were taken from the handle of the shopping carts and subjected to a microbiological analysisAll of the shopping carts, except Araven’s carts with their antibacterial handle, displayed a significant presence of bacteria and risk of transfer of bacteria to users.
The conclusions of this university research highlight the fact that all the microbial populations on the handles of Araven’s carts remained at “undetectable levels” after five months’ real use, whereas “the contamination on other shopping carts was significantly higher”. This means that only Araven guarantees a virtually zero risk of bacterial transmission from the use of shopping carts with bacterial or fungal contamination. This is a particularly important guarantee in a product that is used every day by millions of people of all ages, most often to convey sensitive products such as food.
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In 2010 Araven was the first company in the world to implement this technique in its shopping baskets, its aim being to achieve maximum hygiene in retail equipment used by millions of people every day. The company began with its Shop & Roll 34 L basket and then its 52 L. capacity basket underwent the same process; now it is the turn of Araven’s LOOP shopping carts. If you have any questions about our antibacterial solutions please consult us or visit our website.

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