Separating delicate items in self-service shopping carts

22 January, 2018
cesta multiusos araven separador carro autoservicio

Supermarket shelves display a whole host of different kinds of products: canned food, dry products, beverages, milk, eggs, cleaning products, personal care products, fruit and vegetables, frozen foods…  Manufacturers use the right packaging to preserve and protect their product, plastic packaging, glass, cardboard boxes, plastic bags… But this packaging is not always sufficient to protect the product 100% until you get it home.

Let’s analyse how we do our shopping. We tend to place items in our shopping basket and cart without thinking twice about the order in which we buy them, and consequently there is the risk that fragile items become crushed by other bulkier or heavier items

Separator for delicate items on self-service carts

Many shopping carts have a basket separator that shoppers can use as a compartment for separating and transporting purchases as required. Normally this space is used for fragile or delicate items such as meat and fish, fruit, vegetables, frozen products, bread or pastries. Other items, such as cleaning products, personal care products, bottles, cans, clothes or footwear should also be separated to avoid spoiling or damage and also to be able to put them in separate bags more easily. The same applies to items that, although they are not food products, are fragile and may be crushed by bulkier or heavier items.



Most of these separators are inside the shopping cart basket, in the form of a “partition” that separates delicate items from the rest of the shopping. There are also more original separators in the form of a small basket placed on the outside of the main cart basket to provide extra capacity. This is the case of Araven’s multi-use basket that affords an extra 10 litres of shopping capacity for the 160-litre capacity Shop & Roll LOOP 160. This basket is compatible with the LOOP 160 model and does not affect the nesting distance of the carts when they are not in use – an important aspect that optimizes store space.


We hope that this information is of use in helping you to decide on a cart with or without a separator for fragile items. For any further information please contact us, we will be happy to answer your queries.