The influence of shopping carts and baskets on store design

28 July, 2017
Equipamiento comercial. Cesta y carros de la compra.

Over the past few years the retail sector has invested heavily in opening up new stores and in improving and refurbishing those already existing with a view to coping with the future challenges of this increasingly competitive sector. The key can be found in the new formula for the relationship between retailers and ever more demanding customers who seek unique experiences and want to enjoy shopping.  New retailers aim to enhance the shopping experience by means of a better customer service and a more carefully crafted image.

Setting the style and design of stores with shopping carts and baskets

The transformation of the retail sector and its new positioning highlights the importance of considering new store formats and designs. Retail equipment and fixtures such as lighting, shelving that offers greater accessibility and  improved tidiness or more efficient refrigeration equipment are just some of the highest-rated aspects but there are many  more…


Nuevos formatos de tienda

For many years shopping carts and baskets have been considered merely as items that allow us to do our shopping. A change in trends towards more carefully designed stores with the customer in mind, has led to shopping carts and baskets with wheels being integrated as key items of store equipment  to project a more unified image and the supermarket’s own flagship identity.

Customization of basket colours and adding logos and advertising are now a fundamental part of the store design as retailers are aware that shopping baskets and shopping carts are the only equipment that accompany shoppers from the moment they enter the shop until the time they leave it with their purchases.



Different store formats have different needs

Unlike a few years ago when a more limited range of shopping carts and baskets was available, today retailers can choose shopping systems that provide capacities and designs to suit different store formats. A hypermarket, an urban supermarket or a convenience store do not have the same needs.

The square metres of the sales area, the size of the shopping basket and consumer behaviour vary and this affects the choice of baskets or carts or a combination of both. The same applies if we look at different sectors: a food store does not nCestas con ruedas bricolaje araveneed the same baskets as a toy store, perfumery, DIY or electronics store – the volumes of purchases and the establishments themselves are very different.

Whatever the type of shop or store, Araven can advise you and help you to choose a Shop & Roll  system to match the shopping experience your customers are seeking. That’s why our slogan is “Happier Shoppers”



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