The self-service shopping cart is 80 years old

5 June, 2017

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine going shopping and not having shopping carts at the entry to the supermarket or in the hypermarket car park! The self-service shopping cart has now become an everyday object, making the task of shopping so much easier. But, in spite of this success story there was a time when this now essential piece of equipment was not so readily accepted.


The history of the self-service shopping cart. Sylvan Goldman and the Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain.

Sylvan Goldman had no doubts when, on 4 June 1937 he presented the first shopping cart at the Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain he owned in Oklahoma.  “It’s new, it’s sensational”. With these words he introduced the first shopping cart, based on the design of the folding chairs in his office.  He combined two metal chairs on which to rest the shopping baskets and added wheels to take their weight. The invention did not catch on at first: young men considered the cart a sign of weakness and women associated it with a baby carriage. It was only the elderly that appreciated the convenience of shopping with a cart.

After several attempts to introduce them and get shoppers to accept them, in September 1937 Goldman presented his invention at the Supermarket Convention with an advertising film that managed to convince leading supermarket managers to introduce the self-service shopping cart.

nest baskart silvan Goldman



Today’s shopping cart – Shop & Roll LOOP

The proven success of the shopping cart is that, 80 years after being invented it is still used in every supermarket chain and it has been introduced in other types of retail establishments such as toy shops, household goods, electronics and DIY stores… Such was the success of its design that the original format (metal and wire) was still being used up to 10 years ago which was when a combination of metal and lighter, equally strong materials, such as plastic began to be used. However, the cart’s design based on the shopper pushing the cart remained unchanged.

It was in 2014 that the company Araven launched a new compact cart concept under the Shop & Roll LOOP brand name. Its compact format which optimises store space, as well as its wrap-around handle invites shoppers to use the cart by holding on to any of its four sides. This ergonomic design facilitates moving around the store, access to the inside of the basket and has the ultimate objective of improving the all-round shopping experience for users.

Carro autoservicio araven

Shop Roll LOOP 100 y 160 L.


The Shop & Roll LOOP cart is designed in several capacities to adapt to all needs and types of shopping requirements. From the 100 litre original model to the latest LOOP 160 Litre capacity cart to suit stores where volumes of purchases are greater.


carro compra loop shop roll araven