10 tips for choosing a top shopping cart

6 October, 2016
Shopping cart araven

There is a wide range of solutions on the market for choosing the right shopping cart for a store, in fact, there are as many solutions as the needs that exist in retail and in sectors such as electronics, DIY, toys ….

Araven explains the 10 features to focus on when choosing the best shopping cart for your business in order to ensure that your customers have the best shopping experience:


Araven 10 tips to choose the best shopping trolley


  1. LIGHT WEIGHT. A light shopping cart is much easier for users to handle and manoeuvre which makes shopping at your store much more convenient and comfortable. Remember that a shopping cart accompanies shoppers from the moment they enter your store to the moment they leave it.
  2.  MOBILITY .A cart designed so that it can be moved by holding on to any of its four sides makes shopping more practical, offering great accessibility and manoeuvrability.
  3. COMPACT  Who hasn’t found themselves, on occasions, surrounded by shopping carts in a supermarket aisle?  Compact carts are great for aiding the easy flow of shoppers around the store. Remember, the most important thing is for your customers to enjoy shopping at your store.
  4. DESIGN. Systems for transporting purchases, such as baskets and carts, form part of the shop’s equipment and as such they should blend with the design of the rest of the shop.  A modern-looking cart not only invites shoppers to use it but also immerses them in a complete shopping experience.  loop sin fondo
  5. ERGONOMICS. A cart is comfortable to use if its design is ergonomic, easy to move and to use at any point in the shopping process.
  6. SPACE-SAVING. At Araven we share your view that the square metres of your shop are for displaying products, so we develop our shopping carts to save on space when they are nested.
  7. EASY TO UNLOAD. One of the most stressful moments for customers is when they arrive at the check-out and have to remove the items they have selected one by one. Shoppers always prefer carts that allow them easy access to the items inside.
  8. CUSTOMIZABLE.The possibility of customizing the colour and logo of our shopping carts means that they adapt to your global flagship image. Don’t let a boring shopping cart that clashes with the rest of your retail equipment affect the “shopping experience”.
  9. FOR EVERYTHINGWhat type of products do you sell? What size are they?  This question is vital when choosing the cart capacity you need. A cart that does not match your shop format is, in most cases, counterproductive – users are not going to use a cart that they do not need.
  10. FOR EVERYONE.All shoppers are equally important and so shopping carts must be suitable for users of all heights and ages.

Hopefully these 10 tips will help you to choose a top cart for your business !