SHOP & ROLL 65 L. the first two-colour, one-piece basket on the market

24 February, 2016
Monoblock shopping basket

Over the past few months, one-piece, single-piece or monobloc shopping baskets have become very popular among end consumers. The main advantages of these baskets are that they are easy to use and have a large capacity, improving the shopping experience at the point of sale. At Araven we have taken the design a step further by launching our  Shop & Roll 65 L one-piece basket., which offers the outstanding innovation of being the only basket manufactured in a single piece but in two colours, providing maximum colour customization. It is made of plastic, using bi-injection technology in the production process itself, cutting down on the type of wear and tear breakage that occurs in baskets with attached parts.
Cesta Shop & Roll monobloque 65 l. araven

Easy to handle with one or two hands, the 65 L shopping basket requires no effort to push it like a cart (it has 4 wheels – two of which are fixed and two are 360º swivel wheels) or to pull it, accompanying the user during the shopping process. It is light and ergonomic, with no mechanisms or movements required to use or stack it. Its handle runs the full length to the base of the basket, affording it great strength.

With these characteristics this new basket is similar to Araven’s most recent innovation: the Loop Shop & Roll 100 L shopping cart. In addition, this new single-piece basket has the same attractive look of the Loop’s wrap-around handle, creating a harmonious store image. Just like the cart and the other Shop & Roll baskets, this one can be customized with the store’s flagship colours and logo, integrating it even more with the global image of the establishment.

This one-piece basket is a multi-store item, adapting to different shop formats

The recent rise in local or neighbourhood stores, often with less space available, requires more easily manoeuvrable elements. Narrow aisles make it difficult to change direction or turn around. For this reason this type of store needs solutions that make the most of the space available. Another advantage of this new product is its large capacity and the fact that it is big enough hold the most common types of packs in different sectors (food, DIY, toys).

Araven Shop & Roll facil apilamiento

Easy stacking of Araven monobloc baskets

Remember that Araven and its registered trade name Shop & Roll offer you a solution for every need. Don’t hesitate to consult us! We’ll advise you on the best option for your business.

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