Choosing the ideal shopping basket for your shop

19 March, 2015
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The latest trends in retail equipment are closely linked to the evolution in the retail sector. The growing number of neighbourhood or local store formats and the major refurbishment projects carried out by major retail chains has activated the sector and generated a qualitative evolution in the world of retail equipment.

The focus is now on the shopping experience to make the whole process more pleasurable for the shopper, as this has direct repercussions on spending and how the shopper perceives the point of sale. It is with this in mind that manufacturers offer retailers a wide selection of items for fitting out their stores and surprising their customers.Equipamiento comercial. Cesta y carros de la compra.

Araven has great expertise in providing solutions for transporting purchases at shops and stores. Here are some of the keys to choosing the right baskets and carts to suit the needs of your food store.

                          What is the surface area of your store in square metres?

                    What are the most frequent types of shopping at your store?

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*Self-service store (up to 400m2), Replenishment shopping

*Small supermarket (400-900m2). Daily shopping

*Medium-sized supermarket (+1000m2). Weekly shopping

*Hypermarket (>2500m2). Weekly and monthly shopping


It is important to adapt the shopping system to the store or supermarket format and type of shopping. Araven can advise you on combining shopping system options to match the specific needs at your establishment, in order to optimise and make good use of space.


Demographic characteristics of customers

carro de la compra araven shop & roll loop

The decision on which basket or cart to choose: traditional handheld baskets, baskets with wheels or Shop & Roll LOOP, will depend on different variables. Generally, with greater volumes of purchases, shoppers need a larger capacity cart to improve in-store mobility. However, it is also important to take into account the type of customer. For example, there are establishments where most of the shoppers are elderly people or consumers who do not have much time for shopping and want to pick up a few items quickly without this meaning any less convenience and comfort. In this case Shop & Roll LOOP fits the bill perfectly and is the ideal solution for all types of purchase volumes.



In coming posts we will be helping you to choose the ideal basket, or, if you prefer you can contact us for personalised advice and assessment.